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'Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board.'

 Zora Neale Hurston, African-American writer and anthropologist  (1891-1960)

This summer HetMoet welcomes aspiring writers to partake in a sailing writing course!

During the course of six days twelve novice writers will work on a novel, a poem, a short story or an essay. We will begin our journey in Zierikzee, after which the original Dutch barge de Vrijbuiter will sail by literary locations, such as Zierikzee (Multatuli) and Veere (Nescio). The trip will end at the Dordtse book market


Every day will commence by having a chat with the skipper over some morning coffee. The aspiring writers will partake in workshops conducted by the following established writers or editors: Niña Weijers, Yentl van Stokkum, Gilles van der Loo and Alma Mathijsen. This programme is curated by editor Stefanie Liebreks. In between workshops Stefanie and the editors of HetMoet will be available to assist the aspiring writers with their writing. 


When the sun sets we will go ashore and end the day with a literary activity. In the evenings the participants will also have ample time to write, socialise, get inspired by fellow aspiring writers, or just stare into the horizon.

We set sail on the 28th of June!

That's how our sailing along writers found it

“The ZeilWrijfZomerCursus is an incredibly intensive and instructive week. Because the workshops relate to different genres, you are challenged to step outside your writing comfort zone. Do you usually always write essays? Now try a poem (or vice versa)! In this way you discover that practicing with other genres can supplement or deepen your own writing. It is also inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded people. There was an informal atmosphere and due to the good balance between programmed components and free time, there was a lot of room for casual exchanges between students, workshop givers and editors, which was extremely valuable. It's a luxury to be able to step out of your daily life and think only about writing for a week. After the course I dared to take myself more seriously as an (aspiring) writer, because of the validation I experienced there and the realization that you have to consciously make time to further develop your writing skills."

Emma-Laura Schouten(1994) writes essays, fiction and poetry, and likes to explore the area where these different genres meet. Her texts have appeared on Hard//hoofd, inSeasonszine and Tijdschrift Ei, among others. In daily life she teaches Dutch at a gymnasium in Amsterdam and works as a freelance editor for various publishers and for the online writers academy Editio. 

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