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Sam Mills

Translated by Jet Zegers and Nathalie Tabury

Essay, Dutch

expected March 2023

Little Estuaries.png

Little Estuaries

Daniel Kramb

Menard Press

poetry, English

expected May 2023

HetMoet_Erri De Luca kaft.jpg

Not now not here 

Erri DeLuca

translation: Annemart Pilon


expected June 2023

Mind the Music - Artur Jaschke.jpeg

Mind the Music

Artur Jaschke

Menard Press

non-fiction, English

expected June 2023

Boekomslag De Wijze Maagden_edited.jpg

De wijze maagden

Leonard Woolf

Translated by Monique ter Berg

Roman à clef, Dutch

expected October 2022

Bekomslag Ben ik een snob_.jpeg

Am I a snob?

Virginia Woolf

translation: Leonoor Broeder

essay, Dutch

expected October 2023


Mammoths bundled

various authors

curated by Nadia de Vries


expected November 2024


My body keeps your secrets

Lucia Osborne-Crowley

Non-fiction, Dutch expected January 2024

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