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Good luck people

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Special edition  

Hardcover, full color with illustrations

80 pages

€ 15.00
ISBN 9789082943702

Everyone knows how Huub Oosterhuis's lyrics go straight to the heart. That  his 85th birthday was celebrated with a wonderful evening at the Royal Theater Carre in Amsterdam, thanks to his daughter singer Trijntje Oosterhuis. She surprised him and the audience by performing the most beautiful and famous of his songs in a stubborn and unique way.  The songs and lyrics of Huub Oosterhuis are accessible, sometimes challenging and invite one's own interpretations. Not only his daughter and his son composer and producer Tjeerd Oosterhuis have remained inspired by his lyrics. This small bundle contains anecdotes from the people who worked with Huub  work, live and were inspired by him. But this birthday bundle also contains drawings by the author himself and the lyrics that are sung by Trijntje Oosterhuis on the album of the same name.


'People Good Luck' is indispensable in every bookcase. "Songs are written to be fulfilled," said Huub Oosterhuis. The Amsterdammer, born in 1933, is still active and has no intention of stopping. His songs and poems deeply influenced modernist ideas about liturgy and church life in the Netherlands. His lyrics are timeless and accessible to every generation . Huub creates, inspires and has the ability to positively influence people. It is definitely recommended to purchase the bundle in combination with the album 'People luck'. 

Excerpt from People Good Luck

let them stay

Where you were born and raised.

do you need to get out of there –
who decided that?

Would you like to have been born,

if you knew that before?

Hands off my conscience sings,

let them stay, let them stay.

God and almost everyone
is on their side.

Government, don't be so dogged

make a better one, rather the Netherlands.

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