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MAMMOTHS - It must be written

On each first of the month, a Mammoth is published online, written by a well-known or a new, unknown writer, poet, translator, editor, illustrator, artist or thinker. Mammoths are self-contained essays, poems, short stories, thoughts and other creations that, in their limited size, contain Mammoth-like strength. It's a manifesto, a story or a poem that the author feels must be written. There's not a subject too strange to breach, not a taboo too strong to break. The author is given complete freedom, which is why Mammoths are published under their own name. They appear online once a month and a selection, procured by an anthologist, will be published as a physical collection once every two years.

Interested in publishing a Mammoth? Send your work to!

Mammotje okt '21 - Michaël van Remoortere
Mammoetje sep '21 - Nadia de Vries
Mammoetje dec '21 - Annemart Pilon
Mammoetje nov '21 - Basje Boer
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